The principal goal of the ACC is to promote and coordinate the European university education policy and philosophy, as formulated in the Bologna Declaration; mainly with focus on international scientific and research activities in the Euroregion Neisse.

Through the ACC Journal, experts can share and exchange information on research results accomplished. By organizing student symposia, seminars, workshops and competitions, we will motivate students to apply a creative attitude to solving scientific problems. Via particpation in such activities, a transfer of multilingual and intercultural competence is achieved and mobility of students and educators in increased.

The success in the above mentioned objectives is conditioned by developing a corresponding expert, material and cultural background. Therefore through the mediation of the coordinators and other associates, the ACC also concentrates on the cooperation of universities with municipal and entrepreneurial spheres in the Euroregion Neisse. Via cooperation with these institutions, the ACC participates in various research and scientific projects, which are to reduce the brain drain from the Euroregion Nisa.