secret-book-iconThe ACC JOURNAL is an international scientific journal which came into existence in 2009. It is published by the Technical University of Liberec. Four universities joined in the Academic Coordination Centre Nisa (ACC) participate in its production. There are usually three issues per year.

The ACC JOURNAL is a periodical publishing original reviewed scientific papers, scientific studies, papers presented at conferences and summaries of findings of research project findings. The first issue contains contributions focused on natural sciences and technology, the second one is focused on the science of economics and the thrie third on social sciences.

ACC JOURNAL is a reviewed one. It is building upon the tradition of the "Scientific Treaties" published between 1995 and 2008. The ACC JOURNAL is in the database of the Research and Development Council since 2015 (List of reviewed non-impact journals published in the Czech Republic) recorded and evaluated in the Information Register of R&D results. Simultaneously, it has been also included in the international databases INDEX COPERNICUS INTERNATIONAL and ERIH PLUS.

The National Technical University in Prague allocated to the ACC Journal the following numbers: ISSN 1803-9782 (in the printed form) and ISSN 1803-9790 (CD-ROM form).

Published by the:
Technical University of Liberec
Studentská 1402/2
Liberec 1, 461 17
Identification number: 46747885 
Tax number: CZ 46747885


Archiving policy

The authors of articles published in ACC JOURNAL are allowed to keep an archived version before printing. Under the Act no. 46/2000 Coll., the printed version of the journal is archived in the National Library of the Czech Republic and in regional libraries in the Czech Republic. Digital archiving is provided by the University Library of the Technical University of Liberec through DSpace repository.